Full lifecycle support for healthcare related facilities from concept to completion to maintenance, through managing, facilitating, modernizing, and optimization.

Small Company Flexibility, Large Company Performance

While we provide services to our client’s facilities daily as a contractor, we are really in the people business. Our success is not only in the services we provide and the products we create, but most importantly in the relationships we build with our clients. This attention to detail and continuous improvement in our services leads to long standing relationships with many of our clients. VWI has a reputation of providing large company performance while keeping the flexibility of a small business and building close working relationships over many years.

Often when a business grows, an overabundance of bureaucracy follows. VWI keeps the “red tape” to an absolute minimum, allowing our people to focus on our clients and their specific needs. We do this by hiring the right people, providing them with the resources they need, and empowering them to make good “ownership” decisions. Our people take pride and ownership in the solutions they provide. When you talk to any VWI employee, you are talking to a business owner because we are an employee-owned company.