Transition and Activation

Full lifecycle support for healthcare related facilities from concept to completion to maintenance, through managing, facilitating, modernizing, and optimization.

Real world experience using proven processes

VWI’s Transition and Activation support services begin when a new or renovated facility’s first concepts are developed. A successful facility transition or relocation project is one that ensures the level of care given to the first patient on the facility’s opening day exceeds expectations for the patient experience while meeting accreditation standards. This degree of success can only be achieved through the development and integrated application of a carefully sequenced Transition Plan.

VWI’s proprietary transition planning approach was developed by our team with more than 100 years of active transition experience on over 50 projects over the last 25 years. VWI identifies and plans for key interfaces with stakeholders, team members, staff, patients, and the surrounding community. We assist the project leadership all the way through the transition process. Our Clinical Planners work with on-site staff, architects, and engineers to ensure that the design will support the desired Concepts of Operation in the new facility. We leave no stone unturned and ensure that the transition structure and execution methodology are established to facilitate clear lines of authority, and roles and responsibilities within an organization for achieving transition milestones and meeting the necessary requirements.

Transition and Activation Solutions

  • Operational Planning for Clinical Services
  • Medical Equipment, IT and Interior Design Planning
  • Public Affairs/Marketing Support
  • Equipment Installation/Testing
  • Staff Training Programs
  • Patient Move Management
  • Relocation Move Management

“We had our first day of operations and it went off without a hitch. Thanks, VWI for helping us get it right the first time”