Full lifecycle support for healthcare related facilities from concept to completion to maintenance, through managing, facilitating, modernizing, and optimization.

Healthcare Facilities, part of our DNA

VWI was founded in 1989 as a small family-owned business that provided health facility planning services. Now, with over 25 years of corporate experience and hundreds of years of combined individual experience, VWI develops and implements innovative and cost-effective solutions to our clients’ facility-related challenges, problems and issues and helps pave the way for our clients to provide safe and successful delivery of quality facility services.

Quality Policy for VW International, Inc. :

VW International, Inc. is committed to fulfilling our customers’ requirements by continuously using innovative technology, providing our customers with excellent services, and exceeding our customers’ demands. This will be accomplished through continually improving our services and internal processes and fulfilling our Quality Objectives as defined in our Quality Management System.

The VWI difference is that we don’t just focus on the facility, we focus on the facility’s life cycle. This unique approach harnesses our expert staff’s years of experience, in both Military and Commercial areas, providing solutions to our client’s challenges at every stage of a facility lifecycle. VWI understands how issues during one phase of the lifecycle can drastically impact the facility in a later stage and VWI follows a disciplined approach to ensure that solutions implemented are successful and long-lasting no matter where they fall on the facility lifecycle spectrum.