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Engineering Support

VWI’s professionals understand that healthcare facilities comprise a set of unique building types, often requiring the use of both practical ingenuity and innovation in engineering support services to address the many risks that may threaten future inhabitants, including both patients and operating staff. In order to properly address these risks, we maintain a professional staff of planners, engineers and technical specialists critical to support of specific projects, studies and/or facility surveys.

These highly capable professionals utilize a team-driven, client-focused approach that enables us to fully evaluate the detailed technical features of a project; provide expert guidance in the definition of current site/facility conditions; evaluate project/operational alternatives; provide recommendations on appropriate equipment/materials; and/or deliver detailed design input for engineered solutions to specific functional or operational challenges.

Our engineers and planners are experienced in a wide spectrum of healthcare facility building types, from small outpatient clinics to large, multifunctional healthcare complexes. We provide CAD services in support of our clients’ design and engineering needs, though we understand that while the integration of technologies (such as virtual design and preconstruction modeling services) can greatly benefit a project and lower construction costs, nothing can replace solid judgment and strong business sense.

VWI can help you navigate through the vast minefield of regulatory requirements pertinent to energy reduction in healthcare settings. Our expertise will ensure that all regulatory requirements are met, while using energy-efficient designs and operating procedures to deliver results that meet or exceed your needs and budget expectations. From design to delivery, VWI engineering support professionals thrive on the unique challenges that arise in every project. Our credentials, experience and in-house expertise will deliver a superior quality project on schedule; with a vigilant focus on safety; and budget.

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