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At VWI, we recognize that our customers’ operational requirements for resources, tools and supplies are as unique as the customers themselves. On the other hand, we also understand that effective logistics management can satisfy these varied requirements through integrated application of proven processes: planning, procurement and close coordination of people, facilities and supplies. VWI offers a unique combination of planning professionals; procurement and warehousing management expertise; and inventory control technologies, all of which are  essential to achieving and maintaining this operational balance.

Clear, forward-thinking analysis allows VWI’s logisticians to simplify the complex operational needs of our clients, breaking them down into distinct, optimized steps that, taken together, enable us to help clients plan for and successfully execute every element of the logistics lifecycle. Our proven processes enable us to identify and understand the customer’s overall goals, and to then develop an all-inclusive logistics strategy that will guide them in the right direction towards meeting those goals. Let us help your team plan and execute a detailed logistics program, one that is tailored specifically to your unique healthcare delivery needs.

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