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Featured Projects: Management Services

Name of Project/Location: 
MEDCOM Installations World-Wide

Project Type: Management (Management Support Services)

Customer: US Army Medical Command (MEDCOM)

Facility Type / Size:
Various Medical Centers, Community Hospitals and Health Clinics / approximately 7.3 million GSF Worldwide

Total Award Amount: $3,984,096

Teaming Partners & Subcontractors Used / % Participation:
Texas A&M University – Energy Systems Laboratory (ESL) / 85%

Status: Continuing

“Retro-Commissioning” is an ongoing process to resolve building problems, improve user comfort and identify retrofits capable of improving overall system control and operations for existing buildings. Realizing that several of their medical facilities were in need of such a process, MEDCOM entered into a contract with VWI to perform Retro-Commissioning (RCx) assessments and to identify/define/execute retrofit projects for selected facilities, world-wide.

Upon contract award, VWI worked closely with its key subcontractor partner (ESL) to establish a unique, flexible and exceptionally responsive management and coordination process, which was subsequently used throughout the contract. We then “stood up” multiple RCx technical teams, who planned and seamlessly facilitated pre- and post-site visits at each of MEDCOM’s installations. Work was coordinated by the integrated VWI/ESL management team, with study results being regularly reported and discussed with MEDCOM leadership. All studies, site analysis and retrofit project development remained fully integrated with RCx program objectives.

VWI/ESL management team coordination activities involved repeated site visits; integrated data gathering and analysis; recommended systems adjustments; and computer control program changes (when necessary) to improve energy efficiency and climate control within each facility. These activities were performed with the objective of assisting on-site facility managers in finding ways to improve efficiency and comfort; reduce costs; and address potential retrofits for their HVAC systems.

In all RC projects, the management team ensured that pre- and post-site visits were facilitated with the active participation of installation management, while technical teams focused upon the use of various complex testing and calibration devices to conduct the RCx project audits. RCx audits examined system performance; provided specific recommendations for operations and maintenance activities; and proposed further RCx projects for analysis at each site. Detailed reports and recommendations were then developed and submitted. These projects have resulted in a significant decrease in MEDCOM’s energy usage; increased occupant satisfaction and optimization of facility operations and environmental conditions.

Due to the sensitivity of some overseas locations, critical systems information and personnel access to some facilities were specific challenges; however, the VWI/ESL management team was able to quickly resolve such issues. Also, unique facility infrastructure systems and their configurations frequently posed specific technical challenges for monitoring activities and the acquisition of needed operational data. Ultimately, our technical teams developed non-destructive methods for investigations at all sites and acquired requisite data for analysis and systems improvement recommendations.

VWI has been repeatedly commended for its excellence in professional management skills throughout contract execution. Together, VWI and ESL have successfully conducted and executed assigned RCx projects and audits for multiple MEDCOM sites world-wide, and both firms have received collective accolades from most of the Facility Managers at sites where audits and projects were conducted.

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